Angela Lese

Professional Drummer  –  Nashville, TN


Angela Lese is a professional drummer residing in Nashville.  For over 15 years, she has focused on live performance and touring, as well as sessions and BGVs.  She is currently the drummer for Taco Mouth.

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Angela endorses TAMA drums, Sabian cymbals, Evans heads, Promark sticks, Humes and Berg cases, and Westone in-ears.



Checkout my Working Drummer Podcast interview:

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Checkout my Working Drummer Podcast interview:

Working Drummer Podcast

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Check out my interview with DRUM! Magazine:

DRUM! Magazine’s #WCW series

The Nashville Drummer’s Jam 11

Tribute to Mr. Big’s Pat Torpey

The Nashville Drumer’s Jam 11

Tribute to Mr. Big’s Pat Torpey

Humes and Berg Cases

Angie endorses Humes and Berg cases.

Westone Audio

Angie endorses Westone Audio.

Tama Drums

Angie endorses TAMA drums.

Sabian cymbals

Angie endorses Sabian cymbals.

Evans and Promark

Angie endorses Evans heads and Promark drumsticks.



     Angela grew up in Fort Wayne, IN surrounded by music. She took to flute early and played it through high school (she even majored in Flute Performance at a private college). But she was destined to be a drummer…whether she was sitting down at her uncle’s drum kit, or bugging her high school pep bandmates to teach her fills, Angela could just naturally play.  So finally, in college, she bought her first drum set (Tama, of course).

     Angela wound up in Louisville, KY in 2005 where she heavily pursued music. She played for a Sony recording artist, joined several cover bands, and was a session drummer, as well. Her main band, CatFight (original punk/grunge rock), gained a local and regional following, also gaining the support from then Little Heart Records, under which they released the EP CatFight (2013). While that band was taking off, Angela moved to Nashville, TN in 2012 for a job promotion.

     After immersing herself in the Nashville music scene, Angie joined forces with fellow Catfight member Erica Sellers, and three other musicians to form The Dead Deads in late 2013.  The Dead Deads had a quick rise and played on several national tours (Halestorm, P.O.D., Bush, Chevelle, the Motorboat and Shiprocked cruises, etc.) and recorded two full-length albums and an EP (“Rainbeau” (2014), “For Your Obliteration” (2016), produced by Page Hamilton of Helmet, and the “Flying Saucers” EP (2017), produced by Matt Mahaffey of sElf).

     In late 2017, Angela left The Dead Deads and formed a new band called Taco Mouth with Sellers (rock ‘n roll with a dash of punk and pop). Taco Mouth has released an EP and a full-length album, “W.G.A.F.” and “A Deafening Silence,” respectively (both 2018). Those were produced by friend and legend, Michael Wagener (Dokken, Skid Row, Metallica, etc.). At the same time, Angela joined the Raelyn Nelson Band, an outlaw country/punk rock band fronted by Raelyn Nelson (Willie Nelson’s granddaughter) in late 2017.

     By early 2019, Angela decided to just drum for her band Taco Mouth as their quick rise needed her full attention, although she does fill her time gaps with hired gun opportunities (live and studio drums/vocals). She has quickly become part of the Nashville drumming community, recognized by her hard work, eagerness towards new opportunities, and professionalism.



– The White House – Taco Mouth (single, 2019, Produced by Caleb Sherman)

– A Deafening Silence – Taco Mouth (LP, 2018, Produced by Michael Wagener)

– W.G.A.F. – Taco Mouth (EP, 2018, Produced by Michael Wagener)

– Flying Saucers – The Dead Deads (EP, 2017, Produced by Matt Mahaffey)

– For Your Obliteration – The Dead Deads (LP, 2016, Produced by Page Hamilton)

– Rainbeau – The Dead Deads (LP, 2014, Produced by Brian Carter)

National Tours (The Dead Deads as support):

– Halestorm (Nov-Dec 2014)

– P.O.D., HedPE (March 2015)

– Motorboat Cruise (Motörhead, Slayer, Anthrax, etc. – Nov 2015)

– Shiprocked Cruise (Five Finger Death Punch, Seether, etc – Jan 2016)

– Bush, Chevelle (Jul-Aug 2016)

– Chevelle (Sep 2016)

– Shiprocked Cruise (Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, etc – Jan 2017)

– Alterbridge (Jan 2017)

Noteworthy support:

– Evanescence (2015, The Dead Deads)

– Corey Glover (Jan 2017, The Dead Deads)

– Shiprocked Cruise (2018, just Angela – member of the supergroup The Stowaways)

– MC50 (2018, Taco Mouth)

– Dorothy (2019, Taco Mouth)


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