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Angela Lese is a professional drummer residing in Nashville, TN.  For nearly 20 years, she has focused on live performance and touring, as well as studio work and BGVs.  Angela has been on several national tours and major rock cruises with bands such as Bush, Chevelle, Halestorm and P.O.D., and has worked alongside/shared the stage with countless of the industry’s best.

Angela has gained tremendous support from many of music’s top professionals, such as Rachel Bolan, Billy Sheehan, Michael Wagener, and Page Hamilton to name a few.  She continuously broadens her reach and expands her talents, playing across a variety of genres. Her ability to learn material quickly, strong work ethic, eager attitude and working passport makes her ready to work/tour anywhere at a moment’s notice.


“Angie’s style is straight forward and ferocious. Killer meter and versatility is why she stays so busy. ‘Playing like a girl’ is the highest compliment when that girl is Angie Lese.” – Rachel Bolan (Skid Row)

“I have been working with Angie on a few different projects and she is one of the best and most interesting modern drummers, and amazing to work with.” – Michael Wagener (Producer, Engineer)


Angela endorses TAMA drums, Sabian cymbals, Evans heads, Promark sticks, Humes and Berg cases, Shure microphones, and Westone in-ears.



Toshi Kasai’s “Plan D” ft. Angela Lese alongside the biggest names in drums:

Toshi Kasai’s “Plan D” ft. Angela Lese alongside the biggest names in drums:

Toshi Kasai’s “Plan D” ft. Angela Lese alongside the biggest names in drums:

Toshi Kasai’s “Plan D” ft. Angela Lese alongside the biggest names in drums:

Listen to my Working Drummer Podcast interview:

Listen to my Working Drummer Podcast interview:

Check out my interview with DRUM! Magazine:

Check out my interview with DRUM! Magazine:

The Nashville Drummer’s Jam 11:

The Nashville Drumer’s Jam 11:

Humes and Berg Cases

Angela is endorsed by Humes and Berg cases.

Westone Audio

Angela is endorsed by Westone Audio.

Tama Drums

Angela is endorsed by TAMA drums.

Sabian cymbals

Angela endorses Sabian cymbals.

Evans and Promark

Angela is endorsed by Evans heads and Promark drumsticks.

Shure Microphones

Angela endorses Shure microphones and video products.

Discography/Bio/Press Kit


Jax Hollow

Underdog Anthems (LP, February 2021, Produced by Michael Wagener)


Toshi Kasai

Plan D (NW EP, February 2021, song Unorthodox Strategies)


Jim Ivins

Quarantunes (LP, Summer 2020, song Free Time)


The Raelyn Nelson Band

Don’t (LP, November 2019, songs Pieces and Mama Cry)


Fetching Pails

Telekinesis for Beginners (LP, November 2019, songs Shearer and Tidy Fire)


Taco Mouth

The White House (single, February 2019, Produced by Caleb Sherman)

A Deafening Silence (LP, October 2018, Produced by Michael Wagener)

W.G.A.F. (EP, February 2018, Produced by Michael Wagener)


The Dead Deads

Flying Saucers (EP, July 2017, Produced by Matt Mahaffey)

For Your Obliteration (LP, August 2016, Produced by Page Hamilton)

Rainbeau (LP, October 2014, Produced by Brian Carter)

The Dead Deads (EP, 2014, Produced by Brian Carter)


Jaida Blue

Jaida Blue (LP, 2019, songs Better off Without You, Lay It Down, Stardom on the Rocks and Tenzin’s Song)


National Tours (Kalie Shorr):

– REO Speedwagon (Oct 2021)

– All Time Low (Nov-Dec 2021)

National Tours (The Dead Deads):

– Halestorm (Nov-Dec 2014)

– P.O.D., HedPE (March 2015)

– Motorboat Cruise (Motörhead, Slayer, Anthrax, etc. – Nov 2015)

– Shiprocked Cruise (Five Finger Death Punch, Seether, etc – Jan 2016)

– Bush, Chevelle (Jul-Aug 2016)

– Chevelle (Sep 2016)

– Shiprocked Cruise (Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, etc – Jan 2017)

– Alterbridge (Jan 2017)

Noteworthy Shows:

– Evanescence (Nov 2015, The Dead Deads)

– Corey Glover (Jan 2017, The Dead Deads)

– Shiprocked Cruise (2018, just Angela – member of the supergroup The Stowaways)

– Willie Nelson’s Picnic (2018, The Raelyn Nelson Band)

– MC50 (2018, Taco Mouth)

– Dorothy (2019, Taco Mouth)

– Indianapolis Pride Festival (June 2019, Taco Mouth)

– Nashville Pride Festival (June 2019, Taco Mouth)

– Atlanta Pride Festival (October 2019, Taco Mouth)


Angela grew up in Fort Wayne, IN surrounded by music. She took to flute early and played it through high school (she even majored in Flute Performance at a private college). But she was destined to be a drummer…whether she was sitting down at her uncle’s drum kit, or bugging her high school pep bandmates to teach her fills, Angela could just naturally play.  So finally, in college, she bought her first drum set (Tama, of course).

Angela wound up in Louisville, KY in 2005 where she heavily pursued music. She played for a Sony recording artist, joined several cover bands, and was a session drummer, as well. Her main band, CatFight (original punk/grunge rock), gained a local and regional following, also gaining the support from then Little Heart Records, under which they released the EP CatFight (2013). While that band was taking off, Angela moved to Nashville, TN in 2012 for a job promotion.

After immersing herself in the Nashville music scene, Angie joined forces with fellow Catfight member Erica Sellers, and three other musicians to form The Dead Deads in late 2013.  The Dead Deads had a quick rise and played on several national tours (Halestorm, P.O.D., Bush, Chevelle, the Motorboat and Shiprocked cruises, etc.) and recorded two full-length albums and two EPs (“The Dead Deads” (EP 2014), “Rainbeau” (LP 2014, produced by Brian Carter), “For Your Obliteration” (LP 2016, produced by Page Hamilton of Helmet), and “Flying Saucers” (EP 2017, produced by Matt Mahaffey of sElf)).

In late 2017, Angela left The Dead Deads and formed a new band called Taco Mouth with Sellers. Taco Mouth has released an EP and LP, “W.G.A.F.” and “A Deafening Silence,” respectively (both in 2018). Those were produced by friend and legend, Michael Wagener (Dokken, Skid Row, Metallica, etc.). At the same time, Angela joined The Raelyn Nelson Band, an outlaw country/punk rock band fronted by Raelyn Nelson (Willie Nelson’s granddaughter) in late 2017.

By early 2020, Angela decided to become a hired gun so that she can give touring opportunities her full attention, although she does fill her time gaps with studio work. She has quickly become part of the Nashville drumming community, recognized by the city’s top musicians as one of the go-to working drummers because of her work ethic, drive, engaging personality, talent and professionalism. Being highly respected and engulfed in the scene, Angela has also successfully launched her own music synchronization company, A n’ R Music Services.

Oddly enough, the pandemic provided great opportunities for Angela. Legendary engineer and producer Toshi Kasai enlisted Angie alongside some of the best drummers in the world for Plan D, his prog rock instrumental project where synthesized notes were triggered/composed based on each drum hit. Featuring 4 EPs, Angela’s track is on the “NW” EP which includes the heavyweight drummers Dale Lombardo, Gregg Bissonette, Dale Crover, etc. and has been released on Joyful Noise Recordings. In late 2021, Angela also linked up with singer-songwriter, Kalie Shorr. Angie joined her soon after the release of her EP, “I Got Here By Accident” (produced by Butch Walker), drumming for Kalie as she opened for REO Speedwagon as well as toured Canada and the West Coast supporting All Time Low. Angie looks to stay busy with Kalie in 2022.

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